August 13, 2022
Quickly Drying hair

5 Tips for Quickly Drying hair. Air-dried or blow-dried? One is time-consuming and the other is not the mildest drying method in the long run. We have a solution for everyone: With these great tips and tricks, your hair will actually dry faster. Fast, convenient, compassionate, and time-saving! Air-dried hair? That’s good, that’s right. This is the gentlest method, but the least practical. Leaving home with wet hair, especially when the outside temperature drops again, increases the risk of catching a cold. Needless to say, after air drying, hair, twirl, and pristine hair can remain stubborn or look stubborn. So most of us grab a hair dryer right away. Find out how to save time drying your hair and at the same time protect your mane. By the way, be sure to apply for thermal protection before blow drying!

Methods For Quickly Drying Hair

1. Air Exposure

The combination of both blow drying and air drying is most beneficial. After washing your hair, wait as long as possible before using. This gently pre-drys the hair, so the hair dryer should only be used for a short period of time. Another advantage: Pre-dried strands are easy to grip and easy to style and mold during blow-drying.

2. The Right Towel

Instead of exposing wet hair to the hot air of a blow dryer, stop the towel and let it work first. You are probably familiar with the term “towel-dried hair”. But if you want to do it right, you can ignore the classic cotton towels. It’s much better to choose the microfiber version. These towels absorb up to twice as much water, thereby shortening subsequent blow-drying. Tip: Find areas of towels that are still dry and use them to gently tap the water. Avoid excessive rubbing as it can over-roughen the hair cuticle and damage the hair.

3.  Brush Please

Don’t worry, you don’t have to brush your hair with a dry brush, but a few puffs before and during blow-drying can really speed up the process. This also makes the hair soft and smooth. The even distribution of hot air from the hair dryer allows the resulting uniform surface to dry the strands faster.

4. Conditioner Can Help

Conditioners not only pamper your hair and make it easier to comb, but it also dries faster. why? Conditioner silicone surrounds individual hair, seals them, and makes them more water repellent. Moisture cannot penetrate deep into the structure of the hair, but it can settle in the outer layers and roll-off, and be blown away.

5. Speciality Products

A miracle cure to dry your hair faster? Yes, there is a special styling product that cuts the blow drying time in half and therefore less damage to the hair structure due to less heat required. The thermally conductive polymer plays a quick-drying role in removing moisture from the hair. Amazing!

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