October 1, 2022
Make Kajal Using Almonds

How To Make Kajal Using Almonds At Home 100 % Natural because most of girls love to apply kajal because kajal is considered to help make their eyes more beautiful. But if you use homemade kajal instead of chemical kajal sold in the market, it will be better for your eye health. Especially if you are using the Kajal 100% natural at home. Here we are telling you how to make kajal using almonds at home 100 % natural and also how to make kajal for newborn baby at home.

How to Make Kajal Using Almonds

If you want to use chemical-free kajal, you can make kajal at home with almonds. It also makes the eyes look beautiful.

From kids to adults, everyone loves to apply kajal. Applying mascara makes the eyes look beautiful. When mascara is applied to babies, they look very cute and adorable. By the time a woman applies mascara, her entire appearance changes.

Disadvantage Of Chemical Products Like mascara

But most people use mascara available in the market. This mascara contains chemicals, which can harm the eyes. There are the following causes given below:

  • Chemical Products that contain chemicals can irritate the eyes and reduce vision.
  • This mascara can cause irritation and redness in children’s eyes. In this case, if you want, you can easily make kajal at home.

How To Make Kajal Using Almonds

  • First of all, put a wick in the lamp and light it.
  • Add the almonds to the fork. Place it over a burning lamp.
  • Then cover the almonds with the help of a spoon.
  • Let the almonds burn well with the flame of the lamp.
  • This will start to form soot on the spoon.
  • You can keep this kajal in a clean container.
  • Then add a little ghee to this kajal.
  • Now you can apply this Kajal to your eyes.

Ingredients Method Benefits Like Almond

  • Using Almond Kajal will Increases eyesight
  • Relieve eye irritation
  • People often feel itchy and irritated eyes after applying mascara available on the market. In such a situation, you can apply homemade almond kajal. It can relieve itching in the eyes.
  • Eyes look beautiful
  • By applying almond kajal to the eyes, the beauty of the eyes increases many times. It also accelerates the growth of eyelashes.

Side Effect Of Kajal At Home

It does not have any side effects but the eyes are saved from chemicals and the irritation is removed. But if you feel itchy even with Almond kajal, then avoid using it too.

Benefits of Almond Kajal

  • Made from almonds, this kajal is rich in vitamin E, so it is considered very good for your eye health.
  • It makes the eyelashes thick and black and also works to relieve eye strain.
  • This kajal made of ghee cleans the eyes by removing the small particles trapped under the eyelids and removes the problem of irritation and tearing in the eyes.
  • Applying it also removes the problem of dark circles under the eyes.
  • After applying this kajal made of ghee and almonds, the skin around the eyes will retain moisture.

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