October 1, 2022
Chinese Tea At home

Traditional Chinese tea ceremonies are often held during formal occasions such as Chinese weddings but are also performed to welcome guests into one’s home So we have to make super Chinese tea at home.

There are no hard and fast rules for making tea as there are many taste preferences and drinking habits. Also, each tea has its own characteristics.

The most important thing is to make it your own. However, in general, if you keep the following tips in mind, you’ll be making tea like a master in no time.

How To Make Chinese Tea At home

  • Use the same amount of leaves. For smaller grades about 1 level teaspoon (you want to get a caddy spoon) for an 8 oz. Cup
  • Use the appropriate water temperature for the tea you are using. For dark oolongs, kale, compressed, flavored kale, and tisanes use fresh cold water that has been boiled. Bring the kettle to about 185°F for green, white, yellow, and green oolongs and flavored greens. If you’re quick, you may hear the water go quiet before it boils. More delicate teas will perform best with slightly colder water.
  • Brew for the appropriate amount of time for the tea you are using. Remember, some teas can be brewed multiple times and the time varies for each brew. For pre-cooking: 2-3 minutes. For green, white, yellow, and compressed; 30-90 seconds for good Oolongs though some like 3-5 minutes; 3-4 minutes for blacks and flavors; 5-8 minutes for Tisanes.
  • After brewing, remove the leaves from the tea liquor. Use more leaves for a stronger tea.
  • For iced tea, use double the amount of leaf but the same amount of time. Warming it over ice makes it very thin.

Drink Chinese Tea At home

Finally, it was time to drink tea. Good etiquette dictates that the tea drinker hold the cup with both hands and enjoy the aroma of the tea before sipping.

The cup should be drunk in three sips of varying sizes. The first sip should be small; The second sip is the biggest, most important sip. The third is to enjoy the aftertaste and empty the cup.

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