October 1, 2022
Best Ways to Smooth Hair

5 best ways to smooth hair. Hair smoothing and straightening technology have advanced significantly in the past few years, but most of us are still nervous about trying it at home. You may be asking, Is it safe? Will I burn my hair? What if I accidentally overdo it and end up with frizzy, damaged hair?

5 Best Ways to Smooth Hair

1) Wash your hair less

Reducing your washing frequency might sound ridiculous, but when you consider that many shampoos are packed with chemicals and harsh detergents, it’s clear why washing your hair less can make sense.

Shampooing every day can over-dry your scalp and strip away natural oils that keep hair smooth and healthy. If you want straight locks without frizz or flyaways, wash only 2-3 times a week.

This tip is one of 5 best ways to Smooth Hair

2) Straighten with GHDs

While going into a salon may be expensive, GHDs are worth their weight. In fact, GHDs are so effective that they’re used by many professional hairstylists.

They’re less damaging than flat irons, and they keep your hair healthy and shiny. Getting your hair done with a set of GHDs once or twice a year can transform your style quickly and effectively.

So, if you want smoother locks soon, it may be time to invest in some GHDs!

3) Curl with tongs

When curling your hair, avoid using hot rollers. Instead, try wrapping sections of hair around large-barrel tongs for a bouncy, natural curl that will last through an evening at your favorite nightclub.

Just be sure not to hold each section for too long—you don’t want to burn or damage your locks. That could cost you some extra money at a salon!

4) Skip products (your natural oils are good enough For smooth hair !)

With all of these different products (shampoos, conditioners, oils, sprays, etc.) you may be tempted to believe that there’s one out there that will magically get rid of your frizz and make your hair smell amazing.

However, we at The Good Housekeeping Institute have found that your natural oils are actually more effective than any product out there.

5) Dry shampoo. All the dry shampoo can Smooth Hair

The best time to use dry shampoo is immediately after a workout. This gives your hair a chance to naturally clean itself, and you get all of that excess oil and sweat out, making it ready for styling as soon as possible.

By applying dry shampoo before your hair even starts sweating, you’re setting yourself up for success with an extra layer of protection against moisture.

This can help reduce frizz and extend the life of your hairstyle. It is one of the best ways to smooth hair.

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